Gethsemane Lutheran
      LCMS Church Lakewood
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Times and Directions


        Worship Services

                9:30 A.M. Gethsemane Service Every Sunday

                7:00 P.M. Lenten Midweek Service


         Bible Studies 

                Sundays:             10:30 A.M. Adult classes 

                                             (at Gethsemane)

                Wednesdays:       9:30 A.M. Men’s Bible study 

                                              (at Gene's Place at Kamms Corner) 


                Thursdays:          8:00 P.M. Lessons for the Week

                                             (at Gethsemane)

Pastor Michael Wallace    Gethsemane Lutheran Church    14560 Madison Avenue    Lakewood    Ohio    44107    216.521.0434