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We are having regular services Sundays and Thursdays. Please practice social distancing guidelines. You may also watch our live stream services on our facebook page. Go on the web to Gethsemane Lutheran Church LCMS Facebook Page. You do not need to be a Facebook subscriber to access this page.

Monday March 29th

AA Men's Meeting          7:30 PM


Tuesday March 30th 

AA Meeting                     8:00 PM


Wednesday March 31st 

Nic-Anon Meeting                  6:00 PM

Narc-Anon Meeting               8:00 PM


MaundyThursday April 1st

Worship Service                              7:30 PM

Good Friday April 2nd 

Worship Service                             7:30 PM 


Saturday April 3rd 

AA meeting                                        7:00 PM

Easter Sunday April 4th 

Worship Service                                                 9:30 AM

Easter Brunch                                                    10:30 AM

Gambler's Anon Meeting                                    6:00 PM


Pastor Michael Wallace    Gethsemane Lutheran Church    14560 Madison Avenue    Lakewood    Ohio    44107    216.521.0434